d.light S670 solar light with mobile charging

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We still live in an age where power outbreaks are common. But no one can manage to live without light or more importantly, charging their phone. The market has a tremendous influx of products that provide emergency lighting and mobile charging, but usually, these are offered as two different products. How about a product that provides light while charging your phone; with d.light light and mobile charging lanterns, you no longer need to pay for lighting or charging your phone. The impressive battery life of the d.light S670 ensures that you remain connected, power outbreak, or not. The d.light S670 comes with a specially designed dome lens. The dome lens enables the light to spread all over the room, providing a soft hue that is not harsh on the eyes. It also comes with a USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other devices. The d.light S670 also comes with a 4500 mAh LFP battery which is long-lasting and powerful. The d.light S670 comes with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase and with the assurance that they will not fail you in the time of need. The d.light S670 also comes with a 5W high performance solar panel which also charges in cloudy weather. By choosing the d.light S670, you will not only be choosing a cleaner and more sustainable form of energy but also saving money in the long run. with the d.light S670 lighting and mobile charging lantern, you can save up on using electricity and get a bright light along with a portable charger for hours. Whether it be night or day, you can rely on the d.light S670 to brighten your life.


  • Light & Mobile Charging in One Device.
  • Ultra Portable, Super-Bright LED Light & Music System to Provide You Desired Brightness & Entertainment Anywhere.
  • Highly Durable Long Life Everyday Use Product, Which can be Operated Under All Weather Conditions.
  • Three Lighting Settings: Low, Medium, High & Highly Efficient All Weather Solar Panel.
  • Comes with a 5W High Performance Solar Panel, Which Also Charges in Cloudy Weather.

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